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Get an unsecured loan up to a quarter of your cash flow! Yes, you heard that right. Our capital providing company can lend you a short-term loan for big principle amounts irrespective of the approval time, except for the payday loans. All you need to do is to click on the link for online application, fill out the form in minutes and upload the necessary documents. 

More about our funds

Working capital in multiple currencies and provision to exchange.

Zero pre-payment penalty on early closure of the loan.

Flexible payment options available

We also have underwriting partners tailored for the nature of your business and credit flow.

Flexible tenure from six months to 3 years, which can be modified in between.

Online application with a simple 10-minute form to be completed.

Application processed within three working days, which can be shortened to 24 hours for express credits.

No collaterals or securities required, and the loan is completely decided by your cash inflows.

We do not levy any hidden charges and our processing fee is a 0.05% of the loan amount.

What are our eligibility criteria?

An operational business account in our sister banks or with us.

An annual turnover of a minimum of four times the loan amount.

The business should have been functional for three years or more.

Documents to be uploaded with the application

Bank statements for the last one year

Address proof

ID proof

Income tax return statements

Goods tax statements

Details of existing loans, if any

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Recently we have introduced our mobile app compatible with android, iPhone and Microsoft for an easy and quick four-step loan application procedure:



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Remember us as your saviors in your business emergency, open your laptop or your mobile and give us the message in just 10 minutes. Your short-term credit will be ready..