How Can A Short Term Loan Help You With Finance?


Are you in the urgency of credit for arranging finance for your business? Having a medical contingency and do not have any other source to obtain the huge expense?  In both cases, you might not be eligible for getting a regular loan from the bank or you may not have enough time to wait through the long application process. The solution is offered by a one-time short-term loan which is usually scheduled to the repaid within a short span of time like a year or maximum up to 3 years. This will help you to finance your temporary working capital requirements such as stock procurement, business expansion or diversification.

How do you become eligible for this loan?

If you are a businessman carrying out businesses like manufacturing, trading, B2B service providing, distribution or any other small businesses, you can try for a short term loan. These loans do not require extensive documentation or mortgage and get approved within days. Many lenders now allow to apply online and furnish the lending terms clearly on their site. An example of such a site is If you can show a positive cash flow in your business, it increases your score.

Short term loans are usually sanctioned by banks to the existing customers who are in good terms with the bank by virtue of their investment ratings and financial dealings. Since they are usually taken to fill any gap between larger financial sources, they are also known as bank plugs. Your credit score is not the determining factor, though important in terms of credit history in becoming eligible to obtain a short term loan. Most of the lenders may require your business to have an operational history of at least a few years and a minimum amount of good turnover. These loans should be availed only if you plan to repay them soon or else, you might end up in huge debt. The purpose should be such that you do not have any other financing option such as insufficient emergency funds for business, penalty payments, unpaid bills, medical bills etc.

What are Short terms loans and short term debts?

If a company or business entity has taken short term loans within the last one year, it reflects in their balance sheet as current liabilities under short-term debt. It becomes very important in determining the company’s performance in that if the amount is less than the company’s cash and cash equivalents value, then the company is in financially good position and may soon pay off its debts, and vice versa for the reverse. Some popular types of short term loans are payday loans, flexible loans etc. Payday loans are like cash advances in which repayments are directly taken from your bank account or merchant account. A flexible loan is a credit based upon a certain amount and the tenure can be up to 12 months Safe Payday Loans - Trusted Loan Company - LendUp .

How are short-term loans different from long term loans?

The main difference is obviously tenure of both the loans. While short term loans can have a maximum repayment period up to 3 years, a long-term loan, for example, a maximum tenure up to 30 years usually. The approval period and terms and conditions also vary between the two types. There are finance firms lending short term loans as quick as in 24 hours with only a few necessary documents, though usually, it takes any time within a week. Long-term loans may take months to get approved and require proofs for every big and small entry.

Short term loans are given at a higher interest rate compared to a long-term loan. Short term loan is a type of unsecured loan whereas the long-term loan is credit based and can be both secured and unsecured Short term loans are given on the basis of account holder’s stable relationship with the bank and business. The Long-term loan is based on your credit score, assets (secured), and current income. Repayments for short term loans are automatically deducted from your cash flows whereas, repayments for long term loans are done as flexible equated monthly installments. So if you want to establish your business in every possible manner, make sure to have a healthy transaction with a bank having a good record of supporting business firms and are quick in giving service

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